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So what are Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Soufflé Pancakes you ask?

So what are Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Soufflé Pancakes you ask?

By now, you may have heard the buzz about Fuwa Fuwa Japanese souffle pancakes, but what exactly are they? This sweet dessert trend started in Asia and swept across Europe before arriving in Toronto. Pancakes are a favorite breakfast food for many Canadians, but Fuwa Fuwa is not your everyday pancake. A closer look at what our Japanese souffle pancakes are will undoubtedly entice you to stop by our pancake restaurant to indulge in a dessert experience unlike any other.

The Rich Japanese Tradition of Fuwa Fuwa

Fuwa Fuwa directly translates to “fluffy fluffy,” so our pancakes are appropriately named. In fact, they are a cross between a sweet, airy souffle and super fluffy pancakes. Variations of these pancakes have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries, but the Fuwa Fuwa pancakes are a relatively new trend. The Japanese souffle pancake is loosely derived from a dish known as Okonomiyaki. The translation for the root of this word means “as you like it,” and the suffix translates to “cooked.” This is a traditional food that is commonly served at weddings because it is associated with good luck and happiness.

While Fuwa Fuwa pancakes were available before 2014, the trend took hold when a Kyoto restaurant added them to their menu. The Japanese souffle pancake that has become increasingly popular across Europe and Canada is an international variation of its own. Regardless of the toppings that you select for your Fuwa Fuwa pancakes, this may quickly become one of your favorite desserts.

The Fluffy Secret Behind the Japanese Souffle Pancake

One of the first things that you may notice when you see a Fuwa Fuwa Japanese souffle pancake is that this is not a breakfast food. These are super fluffy pancakes that are enticingly thick and sweet. Compared to the traditional breakfast dish that is common in Canada, they are much smaller in diameter because of their unique, wiggly quality. They have many characteristics of a delicious souffle, such as being light and slightly jiggly.

The typical recipe for breakfast pancakes has ingredients like eggs, flour, milk, baking power and a small amount of white sugar. The Japanese souffle pancake recipe has a few additional ingredients that give this dish its sweet flavor and souffle-like fluffiness. These additional ingredients include powdered sugar, kosher salt, cream of tartar, additional eggs, vanilla buttermilk and butter. The batter for Fuwa Fuwa is a rather thin liquid, so it must be poured into a metal ring during the cooking process. The ring remains in place while both sides of the pancake are cooked in a hot pan or on a griddle. Once the ring is removed, the pancakes will slowly begin to deflate. Because of this, Fuwa Fuwa should be served immediately and enjoyed right away. In some cases, they are stacked on top of each other for a visual treat. In other cases, they are placed side by side, which enables more delicious toppings to cover them.

Delicious Dessert Variations to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The “as you like it” Japanese tradition for these pancakes has carried on as their popularity carried them around the world. When you visit our dessert restaurant in Toronto, you will quickly notice that there are several delicious menu options for you to sample. This gives you the perfect reason to treat yourself by visiting our dessert restaurant many times in the future. As you might expect, traditional toppings of butter and maple syrup for everyday breakfast pancakes are popular as Fuwa Fuwa toppings as well. These toppings are featured with the Fuwa Fuwa Souffle Pancake, and they provide you with an excellent opportunity to savor the sweetness of the super fluffy pancakes.

We also offer other exciting variations for you to try. The Fuwa Fuwa Signature includes fresh fruit toppings like strawberries, bananas and blueberries paired with cream. If you have an intense sweet tooth, the Tiramisu Pancake and the Crème Brulee Pancake are enticing options that offer the perfect touch of decadence. Other menu options that promise to delight you include the Raspberry and Caramelized Banana Pancake, the Blueberries Cheese Pancake, the Nutella Banana Pancake, the Cookies and Cream Pancake and the Matcha and Red Bean Pancake. Ice cream and vanilla ice cream mochi can be added to your sweet desert upon request.

Other Delicious Japanese Dessert Options

At our Japanese souffle pancake restaurant, we introduce you to a few other popular desserts as well. Our other house-made desserts that may keep you coming back for more include Japanese Pudding, Matcha Roll Cake and Original Butter Roll Cake. All of these rich desserts are made in similar fashion as our Japanese souffle pancake dishes. This is by using traditional techniques and wholesome ingredients like fresh cream and real butter. Any Japanese dessert that you select from our menu can be paired with hot beverages like apple cider, hot chocolate, lemon ginger tea and several types of lattes. If you are in the mood for a chilled drink, several iced latte options are also available for you enjoy with your sweet dessert.


The Perfect Dessert Restaurant for Any Occasion

Our Fuwa Fuwa Japanese souffle pancakes and other sweet menu options are available for you to indulge in every day of the week in our modern, casual restaurant. Whether you want to treat your family to a midday treat or chat with a close friend over a latte and dessert, Fuwa Fuwa is the perfect dessert restaurant to visit. With our late evening hours, we also give you a memorable way to end a date with someone special.

Your Visit to Our Two Convenient Locations in Toronto

If you have not yet had the pleasure of indulging in our sweet, fluffy pancakes, now is the ideal time to stop by one of our two convenient locations in Toronto. Whether you are in the downtown area or the midtown area, you can drop by to enjoy your treat with us or to take your dessert to-go. We encourage you to try all of our desserts and beverages with future visits to find your favourites.

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