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As North America’s leading and largest soufflé pancake and dessert brand, our goal is to spread happiness and create sweet moments through our carefully crafted desserts.

We believe how we experience food has a deep connection to our memories and emotions. Food has the power to bring us comfort, a sense of nostalgia and even joy. That is why we take immense pride and pleasure in everything we create.

Our Vision
Why We Do It

We believe that a good dessert is made from high-quality ingredients and boasts a beautiful presentation. After all, we eat with our eyes first. However, a great dessert – the type that customers come back to again and again – is one that doesn’t just satisfy the taste buds or our eyes, it also feeds the heart.

Fluffy Fluffy by Fuwa Fuwa was founded with the intention to create these special moments, and to provide customers with a sweet experience, bite after bite, and visit after visit.

Inspired by our co-founders’ loving memories of watching his mom’s face light up while enjoying her favorite dessert, we aim to help create these kinds of moments through our menu and through the careful and intentional design of all of our shops.

Our signature fluffy, fluffy pancakes

Fuwa Fuwa means “fluffy fluffy” in Japanese, and perfectly describes the texture of our signature and award-winning pancakes – named one of “The Best Pancakes in Toronto” (where Fuwa Fuwa was founded).

Steeped in Tradition

Originating from Japan, handcrafted soufflé pancakes are traditionally served at weddings and celebrations for good fortune, but have now evolved to become a treat for every occasion – from breakfast to brunch to dinner, and everything in between. What differentiates them from traditional pancakes is that they are soft, bouncy, and incredibly light.

Our Process

Each Fluffy Fluffy by Fuwa Fuwa pancake begins with egg whites whipped to soft peaks. Our fluffy pancake mix is made using locally sourced milk and is free of artificial additives, essential to their airy quality. The mixture is then cooked very slowly at a low temperature for up to 20 minutes, creating a high-quality dessert.

With months of recipe testing, tasting, and development behind every menu item, we ensure all our dessert options are never overwhelmingly sweet, and promote the use of healthy and natural ingredients.

Each pancake is then topped with a variety of fruits, toppings, and Fluffy Fluffy’s house-made sauces to achieve a delightfully complex blend of flavors on every plate.

Our Story
How it All Began

Fuwa Fuwa first launched with its signature soufflé pancakes in 2018, taking the Greater Toronto Area by storm. This unique dish blends pancakes, a Canadian food staple, with the airy and light texture East Asian desserts are known and celebrated for.

We continue to bring one-of-kind desserts to our customers with launches of new items that celebrate the diverse communities we are proud to serve, with a twist.

In 2020, Fuwa Fuwa launched two Asian-twist desserts to enthusiastic support: Japanese Basque Burnt-Top Cheesecakes,” which blends Japanese elements with the iconic Spanish dessert, and “Fatcarons,” a Korean-take on the traditional French macaron.
In 2021, Fuwa Fuwa expanded to its first international location in China, bringing traditional Canadian elements such as the maple-syrup-focused “Maple Brulee Pancake” to the country.
In 2022, Fuwa Fuwa further expanded into international locations in the United Kingdom and the United States with the new concept: Fuwa Fuwa, capturing the hearts and stomachs of non-Japanese speakers across the world.
Fuwa Fuwa continues to innovate by experimenting with new ways to seamlessly blend elements of various cultures together in our menu, not only allowing our customers to taste flavors from around the world but to also allow people – regardless of where they come from – to find familiarity and comfort in our creations.

Fluffy Fluffy in United Kingdom

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Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes is the most popular souffle pancake shop in the United Kingdom! A unique and innovative business that serves original, high quality products. A concept with a proven transferable operating system designed to meet quick services, high quality products and efficiency. A team of young entrepreneurs who would like to bring happiness, unique products.

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