100% fresh cracked eggs

matcha roll cake

Light, airy, and filled with creamy goodness, our roll cakes are a slice of heaven, available in a variety of flavors to tantalize your taste...

chocolate banana croffle

A fusion of croissant and waffle, our croffles are a testament to Fuwa Fuwa’s innovative spirit. Crispy, flaky, and utterly delicious.

strawberry macaroons

Delicate and flavorful, our macarons are a bite-sized delight, perfect for those who appreciate fine dessert craftsmanship.

burnt top cheesecakes raspberry

Tangy raspberries meet the caramelized top, offering a harmonious blend of sweet and tart. A berry delightful experience!

burnt top cheesecakes mango

Tropical sweetness meets Fuwa Fuwa’s signature burnt top. Relish the fruity notes of ripe mangoes combined with our creamy custard base.

burnt top cheesecakes coconut

A tropical delight, this cheesecake combines the richness of coconut with our signature burnt top, transporting you to a beachy paradise with every bite.

burnt top cheesecakes earl grey

Infused with the aromatic essence of Earl Grey tea, this cheesecake offers a sophisticated twist to our classic burnt top. A fragrant journey of taste.

burnt top cheesecakes matcha

A fusion of Japanese tradition and Fuwa Fuwa innovation, this cheesecake combines the earthy notes of matcha with our signature burnt top. A delightful treat...

burnt top cheesecakes original

Dive into the classic Fuwa Fuwa experience with our Original Burnt Top Cheesecake. The caramelized top, slightly bitter, perfectly complements the ultra-creamy custard within, offering...

raspberry caramelized

Serve the sophisticated flavors of Japanese fluffy pancakes, whipped cream, homemade raspberry sauce and caramelized bananas for sweet day.

cookies and cream pancake

An easy and indulgent dessert of Oreo Pancakes or better yet with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, make a batch for a special dessert.

matcha tiramisu

Our Matcha Tiramisu Pancakes are a harmonious blend of East meets West. Fluffy pancakes are layered with a rich matcha-infused mascarpone cream, offering the earthy...

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We're excited to be sharing our love of pancakes and dessert with the world.  Check out our latest locations.

 New Locations
Ottawa, Ontario

Visit Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes now open at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Learn more.

Chinook Plaza, Calgary

Now open! Discover Fluffiness in the Heart of Calgary! Learn more.