Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes are far from ordinary. We specialize in award-winning souffle pancakes, each handcrafted masterpiece is made with love and care. The meticulous process includes whipping egg whites to soft peaks and slow cooking on low heat for a signature light and fluffy texture. Adorned with a variety of fruits, toppings, and house-made sauces, each serving delivers a delightful medley of complex flavors. With over 15 flavors to choose from, there’s a perfect pancake for everyone at Fuwa Fuwa.

raspberry caramelized

Serve the sophisticated flavors of Japanese fluffy pancakes, whipped cream, homemade raspberry sauce and caramelized bananas for sweet day.

cookies and cream pancake

An easy and indulgent dessert of Oreo Pancakes or better yet with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, make a batch for a special dessert.

matcha tiramisu

Our Matcha Tiramisu Pancakes are a harmonious blend of East meets West. Fluffy pancakes are layered with a rich matcha-infused mascarpone cream, offering the earthy...

blueberry cheese pancake

Delicious and easy pancakes with tasty our homemade blueberry sauce and fruit on side.

strawberry pancakes

Adorned with fresh, juicy strawberries, our pancakes deliver a burst of natural sweetness with every bite. Drizzled with a light syrup and dusted with powdered...

souffle pancake

Our Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes are like eating cottony clouds, but even better with homemade whipped cream, butter and Canadian maple syrup.

tiramisu pancake

Tiramisu pancakes are for those Saturdays or Sundays when you want something a little bit more special, but still want easy and breezy. Coffee-flavored pancakes...

crème brulee

Creme Brulee Pancakes are a delightful fusion of breakfast and dessert. Soft, fluffy pancakes are topped with a thin layer of crystallized sugar, torched to...

nutella banana pancake

Who doesn’t love Nutella? We wanted to show our love for this delicious treat by combining chocolate with our pancakes! Complemented with a banana, this...

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We're excited to be sharing our love of pancakes and dessert with the world.  Check out our latest locations.

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