Soufflé is a French verb which means to breathe or to puff, and this is no more apparent in Japanese Soufflé Pancakes. During the creation process, the egg whites are beaten to a soft peak to create the distinct fluffy texture that makes Soufflé Pancakes so trendy.

“I always wanted to have my own shop to be able to turn my pastry recipes into fruition. I feel like Toronto is the perfect place for me, because my parents live there, and I want to bring a bit of happiness and be closer to them through my pancakes,” – Yuka Naka, Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes co-owner and head pastry chef, and a native of Osaka.

Yuka’s journey began when she became instantly attracted to the Soufflé Pancakes concept when it was first introduced to the city; she couldn’t wait to add her own twist to it. Two years later she was introduced to Benson Lau, through a friend, who is also a skilled pastry chef with the mutual interest of working with Soufflé Pancakes. As fate would have it, both of their parents live in Toronto.

With the help of co-owner Benson, Yuka now aims to brighten Torontonians’ days with fluffy, airy Soufflé Pancakes, in addition to authentic Japanese Roll Cakes and Egg Pudding which are all made fresh from scratch daily at Fuwa Fuwa.

Planning a Private Party? Fuwa Fuwa can host a group event for 15-25 people. Custom menu available.